Artificial stone and Rong Jih Crafts

RongJih Creative Director

Writing experience Description:
Present: RongJih Industrial Co., Ltd. The current international creative director
Qualifications: the Tungshih National Vocational Industrial High School Graduated, fourth cultural and creative development of the National Palace Museum Camp Training


• RongJih Industrial Co., Ltd. / R & D long (36 years' standing)
• Ming Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Ministry of Economic Affairs CITD project plans Moderator Industry, government studies commissioned case, ※ plasma water quenched lava artificial stone research project host
• Japan Wing trading technology consultant
• the CISAC international YiChuang home Federation invention honorary doctorate
• Taiwan's Ten Outstanding inventors
• CDC Chinese designers qualifications
• The 5th Beijing International Design Forum lecture VIP
• Mainland China at the national level designer
• Fellow of the Institute of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Culture
• National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, the Ministry of Education, Office of the national high school teachers "Creative Camp Speakers

Patents and publications

• Publications: mountain craftsmen, water quenched lava final report, the process patented invention, human imitation of natural stone craft, invention and art set recorded.
• Patent: water quenched lava artificial stone, and its manufacturing method, artificial stone ashes Tan, plastic shell of man-made stone marble pattern solid surfaces, artificial stone elements of glass, multi-functional artificial stone countertops vanities, strengthen the support tripod, artificial stone twenty-six of the manufacturing methods, lighting floor lamps, furniture coffee table 12 (a), the twelfth class furniture coffee table (b).
• Licensing: artificial Binglie the crystal Jiqizhifa.
• Application: artificial stone elements of glass, the manufacture of artificial stone (U.S.), artificial stone elements of glass (middle), the artificial Binglie crystal Jiqizhifa (Japan).

Beijing International Design Forum

Beijing International Design Forum

Beijing International Design Forum

National Taiwan University speech

National Taiwan University speech

National Taiwan University speech

National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Speech

National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences Speech

Participate in the Association

•• Distinguished members of the Taiwan Craft Development Association.
• Taiwan's Industrial Technology Development Association Member.
• TIA Taiwan Invention Association Member.
• TOIEA ROC Taiwanese Inventors Association executive director.
• Cross Cultural Art Exchange Association (IOV Human Heritage Protection Association) Member.
• Cross-Strait Hakka cultural and economic exchange association members.
• Republic of China Quality Management Association Member.

Participating in the program cases

• 2006 Institute of Nuclear Energy, water quenched lava test for artificial stone commissioned technical service projects, industry, research, presided over the program. (The contribution of environmental protection class: incinerator ash recycling technology).
• Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2008 SBIR research project of artificial stone, the project leader.
• 2010 Ministry of Economic Affairs CITD artificial stone plan, research and development.

Media interviews

• 2007 Community magazine local history interview with the question: partial township entrepreneurs
• 2007-2008 Economic Daily News award-winning interview with (news reports several times)
• 2008 Hakka TV "Hakka peak power television interview
• 2009 years Chinese TV evening news interview with the global coverage broadcast (innovative building materials, alabaster)
• Beijing, China 2010 International Design Forum design masters to accept Sohu interview with Europe, America and Japan ...

Concrete results

• New materials, new techniques of artificial translucent stone has been Taiwan's invention specifically invented I 254 060 No. 078 822 No. of the design patent, the transmittance of artificial stone in the Taiwan market sales, from 100,000 a month in 2005 to 2010.2011 per months 100 million. The key result is a price in excess of 80% of the price of the Chinese mainland goods!
• Artificial stone 20 peers, not price competition for the traditional product categories, enabling the same industry, by the respect of peers.
• From 2005 through the ancient worship division, passing the first generation of artificial stone technology, second-generation students (Mentoring) now have the ability to make custom orders. All staff by the craftsmen the spirit Ruran, music in hand, the process (work).

Was awarded the award

Technical Outline

Overview of artificial stones

According to Dr. Yuan-Chih Wang, a German materials Ph.D, there are two paths for the application of compound artificial stone materials.
1. Superior technology, e.g. specific characteristics that are byproducts of nanotechnology
2. Extraordinary degree of difficulty and sophisticated craft techniques which cannot be imitated by others.

The U.S.: First introduced forty years ago, wash stands and basins using artificial stones have become common products. In addition, artificial stones are also applied to other products, such as bathtubs and toilets.
Japan: TOTO’s artificial stone plant, with about 600 employees, mainly uses the gel-coat system, and their technical personnel have visited Rong Jih several times. Korea: The General Manager of Daewoo’s artificial stone plant (about 150 employees in size) visited Rong Jih once.
China: The gel-coat-free system is the mainstream in China.
Taiwan: The major product is wash basins. Rong Jih uses its original patented products as the core force of its production.
What are the differences between DuPont stones and artificial stones?
DuPont Stones: They are ‘cuttable’ artificial stones without gel-coat.
Artificial stones: They are the mold shaped or gel-coated artificial stones.
1.DuPont Stones are mostly processed into slabs for sale. The slabs are then carpentered into finished products. Mass production is difficult, and they are also costly to process. On top of that, the patterns are very limited in number.
2.Artificial stones can be applied in mass produced products and mold-shaped into finished products. The products made of artificial stones have high authenticity of stone patterns and their craftsmanship is also quite sophisticated.
3.There is no significant difference in terms of durability. However, DuPont stones have higher thermal shaping characteristic on slate bending, while artificial stones are apparently better than DuPont Stones in terms of their pollution-resistant gel-coat.
Brief description of the production process
DuPont Stones: Stirring and vacuuming → Slab shaping → Finished product processing
Artificial stones: Gel-coating → heating → Stirring, and manually creating patterns→ mold shaping
For example: Rather than use DuPont stone series, Japan’s TOTO has been using a penetrating gel-coat system even for kitchen counters. This illustrates that products produced by Rong Jih with the penetrating gel-coat system can excel those produced with the gel-coat-free system.


Major materials: Lead-free resin, stone powder, and retardants supplied by Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Secondary materials: Expensive additives, UV absorbent and aging resistant.

How to examine a Silver Fox tops

Grade AA: Tailor-made Silver Fox, products of Rong Jih
Grade A:Local 1st grade manufacturer Tx Tx and x…
Grace C:Colored gel-coat tops

Quality introduction to customers

1.When touching and sliding your hand across the surface (or inner rim), it should feel smooth (grade C products may hurt hands).
2.No flaws, scratches and dents are found on the bright surface by visual inspection. Also, no trace of repair is left.
3.Only the products having drawing and QC instruction enclosed are of good quality.

Advantages of using artificial stones for tops

1. Good pollution resistance.
The liquid penetration rate of artificial stones is almost zero, which makes them excellent materials to prevent penetration of polluted water and to keep the original color intact.
2. Wear-resistance:
For artificial stones, the Mohs scale of mineral hardness is between 1.0 and 2.0 and Rockwell hardness is 89.3 (ASTM-D785 test). The data illustrates their good durability for tops with artificial stones.
3. Maintenance method:
Clean directly with a wet cloth. For long-term accumulated dirt and grime left on the surface, lightly wiped off with a scouring pad (the ones exclusive for dish washing) with some dish cleanser.
4. The products can be used for more than 15 years, and even 22 years if used outdoors.

Factory Production

Rong Jih’s AA grade MRT Muzha line furnishing is still as new as it was ten years ago.

Rong Jih’s AA grade MRT Muzha line furnishing is still as new as it was ten years ago.

Grade C products in the public toilet of a park in central Taiwan